Saturday, August 15, 2009

Love the Experience!

Last night I dreamed I saved the Universe!

Nate & I were stranded on a moon like planet that only had a shack and a weeks worth of food on it.... we were worried that no one would come rescue us, though I started to feel popsicle sticks being played in my mouth.   For whatever reason I planted my hands down and the planet cracked open and we started flying through the universe.  I thought to myself I hope we stop someone where near earth, and so we did outside the orbit of earth.  So the astronauts came and picked us up and we became scientific guinea pigs.   I still felt the popsicle sticks crackling in my mouth so I looked at Nate and said I think I didn't finish something.  After days of pondering this we started to notice the earth began to crack apart as well.  Highways cracked open, cars ran into animals and floods happened all over.  I looked at Nate again and I said I have to do this will you do this with me, he reaches out his hand and says yes... I run towards him and bear hug him, we lift off of earth and start blasting through the universe, totally light speed style and poof we are back on earth and everything is fine again.

Love yourself, Love the experience and Love yourself in the experience!

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