Friday, January 8, 2010

Highest & Best!

East vs. West
When studying Eastern texts I noticed they begin with the hardest, most refined, royal and deficult part first. To us westerners this could seem discouraging since we are used to our tests and text books growing increasing as you move through them so the most difficult things to learn are at the end. And I don't know about your schools but I hardly ever finished a text book in a year of school. So I never got to see the end, but when it came test time I always would go to the last question and work my way backwards so that way I knew I got the hardest over with first.

Abhinavagupta tells us in the tantraloka that the aspirant should always try for the highest and best thing first. Failing that try the next best, and so on. I like this because if we apply this quality of attitude to our practice and life then at least we know we are working at our potentials level. Afterall, if you reach your best one day it will be different the next and so its moving and fluxtuating with your potential, vulnerability and improvement.

Ask yourself what would be my best in this posture, today, as you do anything and begin with the best quality of attitude. It will not only effect your life but will inspire others and shine a light in your community. You never know what your best is until you go for it!

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