Sunday, February 21, 2010


Yesterday I was so priviledge to witness two of my favorite yogi's unite in marriage. They chose to marry themselves and have the most organic wedding I have ever been to.... which now I am totally spoiled by. When we all said we wanted Cake, Devi said "well let's have cake then we will dance"... ;-) When the couple spoke of one another they said it was easy to love one another, it was simple to fall in love and that was the least of their intentions. This is what being in alignment is like... it takes some effort to discover yourself and show up but with gentle nudges to stay in the flow.... life actually gets easy and delightful!

When the couple fed each other cake it was tender and sweet.... theoretically a sign of a lasting love and relationship. Inspired by the event we practiced today with the same hugging in a marriage with our bodies so that we can shine beyond our mats!!! Tender the way we place our foundation on the mat, conscious of how we can spread our intellegence throughout our bodies with breath and savor the joy it is to have a deep understanding of ourselves. With all this we can be the radiant beings we are all meant to be.

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