Friday, February 19, 2010

Shiva Sutra 1.2

Jnanam Bandha

It took me a few times of reading this sutra to really get it... the first time I totally didn't get it and the second it just didn't make much sense but the third time i read it over I understood that it was exactly what I was dealing with.... Knowledge Binds Us!

If you "know" something then you are bound by your patterns of knowing something.... if you "don't know" something then you are bound by the patterns or even fears of not knowing... so what do you do? Approach everything with a natural openness... like a child when given a toy for the first time... they don't read the instructions they allow their imagination to wander and explore... just like doing a Downward Facing Dog posture for the millionth time.... feel it like it was the first time you ever experienced it and it even feels like a new body without any limitations... and even approaching a new posture... SETTLE! and allow what comes up to come up... always default to the play of it!

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