Tuesday, April 27, 2010


When I was young I would say to my parents "I don't care!" because I knew that would hurt then and make them feel what I was feeling in the moment of disappointment. Now I look back at how awful it really was to say something like that.... or to EVER say something like that. I think practicing yoga has opened me up to feel more and be more, though also to care more. Maybe not care more, perhaps I have always cared I am just more honest and truer with how I feel. Unafraid of how much I really do CARE.

It is our caring that makes us vulnerable though also makes us strong and powerful. Because we care we can dig deep into the things and people that mean the most and harness strength from that attachment. You can still a moment with LOVE and caring. Think about it.... or better yet... think about who... who needs you the most right now.... who is supporting you the most right now and how steady you become with their face/image in your mind. Harness this power and you can use it transform your mood, your body even your life!

Each of us have at least one thing/person that we care about so much it makes us dig deeper and become more powerful through that connection. This is a perpetual practice.... the caring keeps expanding...

You know your yoga practice is working when your connections in life are becoming more abundant and life affirming.

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