Tuesday, May 4, 2010


What if in the moment of utter tiredness you can close your eyes, quiet yourself and dive into the rejuvenating waters of your heart?.... why not?

You can be fresh like new every moment of stillness if you truly tap into the source inside you. We do this minimally every time we practice "savasana." Typically called translated as "corpse pose".... and perhaps that is what it is, a little death for a bigger rebirth and life. But what if in every moment of stillness we could be that quiet and still that we could hear the universe pumping through us?

This practice can only birth more awakeness... CHIT! More stamina when we need it most, in the most dynamic moments we don't just separate and sleep... instead we awaken from the inside. Like our ears hearing sound for the first time, like the clap of a note hitting the silence.

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