Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brighten the dullness

With the darkest day is behind us... we step into longer and brighter days! So lets pump up the light in our lives and live it with the brightest intentions. The energy after Winter Solstice feels slow moving after the holidays everything is a little less exciting so it is up to us to pump it up. The easiest way to get making "shift happen" is to find the meaning. It is the end of the year where we are as close as it gets to the beginning so be grateful for the journey it took you to get here.

Be ever grateful for every person and experience that happened to make this current moment possible. It has made you who you are and that is always something to be grateful for. No matter if it was the best or worst year of your life be grateful and see the good things. By doing this you send a memo to the universe saying thanks for the "love" and I am ready for more.

"Gratitude is the gateway to love" - JF

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