Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Daily Asana: Twister

Theme:  Twister!
Intention:  Strengthen center, clear nadis and dance and play outside the lines of the yoga mat
Pinnacle Pose:  Mandalasana
Sequence:  *Vinyasa whenever
  • Lunge > Parvrita Parsvakonasana (both sides & repeat 3 times deepening the twist and lunge)
  • Parsvakonasana > W2 > Trikonasana (both sides)
  • W2 > W1.5 > Ardha Chandrasana > Parvritta Ardha Chandrasana
  • DD Twist (both sides)
  • DD opposite eka hasta eka pada (both sides)
  • DD same side eka hasta eka pada (both sides)
  • Air Bridgetts cross > side plank padagustasana > wild thing > parsvottanasana (both sides all linked together)
  • Pigeon > forearm plank > forearm stand > pigeon w/thigh stretch (both sides)
  • Air Bridgetts cross > wild trikonasana > wishvamirtrasana (leg infront of arm) > knee to chest plank > through side plank and DD > vishvamitrasana leg behind arm (both sides)
  • Danurasana > thigh stretch (both sides) > Danurasana hands on inside (shoulder stretch) > thigh stretch w/up dog arm (both sides) > Bekasana 
  • Air Bridetts cross > side plank > baby kapinjalasana > wild thing > urdhva danurasana > dwipadaviparittidandasana > back through back bend and side plank > eka pada rajakapotasana (both sides)
  • All three dancer poses (both sides)
  • Hastasana (both sides)
  • Air Bridgetts cross > side plank kapinjalasana > urdhva danurasana > dwi pada viparitti dandasana > tic toc into headstand 1 min > tic all the way over > Malasana (3 rotations each direction) (both sides)
  • Hero
  • Shoulder stand 3 min (I typically do the ashtanga sequence) > fish
  • Supine easy twist (both sides)
  • Supine badhakonasana > happy baby
Meditation 20 min

Notes:  I spontaneously burst into giggles after malasana and my meditation was super steady and centered... mission accomplished!  Felt super energized and alert afterward.  Enjoy!


  1. Jennifer, this looks WONDERFUL! I can't wait to try it out! Blessings, and Prem, Debz Shakti Buller

  2. fun fun fun! i am reading this at night after a day of teaching- and feel compelled to try it! hello insomnia! thanks for posting this jenn! p.s its great to hear your 'voice' on your blog! so much has happened since i saw you last!