Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paradox & Play

There are many beautiful paradoxes in this world.... 

...like love:  when you fall in love it's scary and feels like your falling but for some reason you feel lifted up by the experience

...like when you empty:  you feel filled by something

...like sit-ups:  they might feel hard and be a struggle however, you feel stronger and more charged from them

...like Ashtavakrasana (8 crooked limbed yoga posture) :  while he was in his mothers womb he laughed as his father who made a mistake in practicing his scriptures so his father cursed him having him be born with 8 crooked limbs... but he did get a posture named after him for being special

What paradoxes do you feel in your practice, life and why no be playful... there is no such thing as failure according to the universe... the universe wastes nothing so why should we?

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