Saturday, February 13, 2010

Melt Your Heart Blow your Mind Tour - San Francisco

A week long practice and study intensive in San Francisco with John Friend. We learned and rocked Immersion 1 the new concise material that allows practitioners of Anusara Yoga to learn the Shiva-Shakti Philosophy and the Universal Alignment Principles. Each day we deepened the practice and synced up with John and has way of guiding us into our hearts and dig for the meaning of our practice, creating art through our bodies, thoughts and words.

None of the material was new to me but hearing it in a different way and light allowed for it to be fused into my cells even deeper. We worked and refined the principles so much I actually feel like I re-organized the make up of my legs and hips. Never under estimate the power of the basics! It just proves how "Universal" the principles of alignment really are. One could never get sick of fine tuning an instrument they love to play so they can continue to play music and share what they want to say through embodiment.

Thanks to my home town kula for putting our mats together each day so that this experienced wasn't just felt it was shared and reflected in each of our eyes as we would play in the beautiful city of San Francisco in between study sessions.

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