Friday, February 5, 2010


What or who is that object in your life that when you think of them/it gives you a sense of pure love & devotion running through your every cell. Our relationships in our lives directly reflect our relationships to ourselves and the universe. So what if we choose a specific object/person to focus on and if just reciting their/its name you could flush your being with that love and devotion.
Devotion is not necessarily giving of yourself to a "higher power" though it can be... it is giving of yourself to a specific energy, mind state, feeling and virtue. In all your freedom what/who means enough that you would bind your energy to it and give of yourself.

1. Practice chanting the name of a student or someone who looks up to you.
2. Practice chanting the name of a peer or teacher who you look up to.
3. Practice chanting the name of a friend an equal who reminds you of who you really are.
4. Practice chanting your own name or I to understand the relationship you have with yourself.
5. Practice chanting the name of an enemy and separate yourself from their name/face and be protected by the force of your love and devotion. (*optional and most difficult)

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