Friday, March 26, 2010


I do believe that sometimes it takes a long time to be away from something or someone before you can really appreciate them fully again.  The concealment & revealment powers of Shiva are so essential in our growth process.  After 7 years of being away from my home town, I returned with a mission to re-connect with as many of my family members, friends and favorite spots as I could... all the while being witness to John Friend's Rockin' Shri Workshop in the Rock City itself.  

Each day I would get to spend time with Mom (my hero) and run and practice yoga and the local kula spot to my Mom's house.  Detroit's people are a rare bread, they are extremely strong and hard working though when you get to know them or they let you in you find they are gentle and sweet.  Each yoga class had to have music whether to illustrate the theme or just to get people pumped!  The weather, economy and hope were the main underlining topics of discussion.  Building would fall over night and the people would have the hope that something agricultural or recreational would fill its space.  Talk about a manifestation power, when they saw distruction, smudges or inbalances they were already looking to change and evolve.  There was an urgency to change, be better and re-make the city as a beacon of hope for the rest of the country.   If Detroit can change and evolve than any city can...

Detroit has always sprouted some creative musicians and artists however, they are adapting their crafts to the city... hoopers hooped outside in what I would call COLD weather (32 degrees).  Drawers and sketchers have dove into tatooing as a way to share the art with others in a personal way... and chefs and culinary innovators are trying to make food healthier, farm fresh produce more available and aware and create guides to assist anyone in living a full life.  Yogis not only just practiced they gathered to create art (the puja for the Anusara event), made t shirts to show their pride for their art as community members, and were always questioning how their practice can be lived off the mat and help children to lead the way in our innovation to become even better.

I love Detroit and now where a tattooed D to keep the memories and meaning always near.

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