Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Transitions & Transformations

As this yoga quarter ends I am eager to begin 2 new classes; one at the Willows in Encinitas and the other at Haute Yoga in Solana Beach.  The universe is clever though as new things spring up other things dissolve such as my classes at Bodacious Living.  Last night as I pondered and noticed how I felt about the shifting energy I recognized the tendency to either go out and party on the Full Moon or stay in and just simmer and sit in the transitioning space.  I think it is normal for all of us to do things to take our minds off the moment and keep moving to not have to feel the dynamic energy fully.  When transformation is happening there is often a heat and a bit of light, which is an opportunity for us to become more cohesive with the process and with our own patterns.  Even between postures we often don't pay as much attention to the transitions and even when we are asked to hold a posture for a long period of time we might space out to cope.  So let us take a break here and there when things get turbulent to notice, brew, simmer and steep in the energy as it burns off and dissolves the things we don't need, making space for new opportunities.

New classes to come check out:

The Willows 5:00pm Tuesdays "Happy Hour"
Haute Yoga 5:00pm Saturdays "Mixed Level Vinyasa"

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