Monday, April 5, 2010

Fear is good!

I am running the La Jolla 1/2 Marathon this month and everyone that I mention it to mentions the steep hill.  After hearing enough of people talk "chit" about it I started to gain a nice dose of fear about it myself.  They would say "don't even try to run it... just walk it" or "it's so tough but the end of the course is just as hard because it ends with a hill as well."  

So I decided I better see for myself before the race.... I noticed a little extra bit of adrenaline pumping even on the flat part before the hill.  The fear made me be extra cautious, conscious of my alignment and drink in the moments like they might be the last of my life.... and then I saw the flat part again and said.."that was it?"   That was what everyone was talking about?  

Perhaps this is how many things are in life?  We build up this fear but then it's good cause we are that much more captured by the moment... we are present to the possibility of injury... we protect ourselves and dig deep!  This all sounds good to me.... so now I view fear as a good thing... As long as it's not so debilitating that I can't show up and I can logically think things through it's actually an asset.

"A spoon full of fear helps the moment sink in." - JW


  1. Hi Jen -

    Good luck with your half marathon. I ran one a few weeks ago. Friends and good music along the course helped move me along. When I got tired, I dreamed of the french toast breakfast that would be my reward post-race!

    I used to attend your Saturday morning class at Bodacious, but moved when my husband deployed. We're both returning to the area and I'm looking forward to rejoining your class. I think you are a fabulous teacher - my yoga practice hasn't been the same since I left!


  2. Jen,
    You will do fine. Especially with this attitude! :) Really, people make a big fanfare of it. You being the Jen that you are... just do it. Run up it. You'll be fine.

    And for some added motivation check out this short write up I did about Gary's (my man's) Marathon Des Sables. He finished it two days ago...

    I'm coming to one of your yoga classes... can't wait. :)