Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cupcakes and Community

In order to build community my hosts have been holding "goutes" which is like an early dinner snack with the intention of gathering locals to see their little store and enjoy conversation. So my host asked me if I would make cupcakes for this event. We made them in the morning and I showed them how to hoop, contact juggle and yoga in between batches. They both were naturals with both activities and I can't wait to hear and see how they progress when I do leave. While outside hooping a neighbor friend of theirs came over to discuss an exchange of support from one another. Knowing that this gentlemen has a tendency to spread the word quick through the town I handed him the hoop and invited him to show us his moves. He was great though he only did it once and wouldn't try it again.

Breakfast: Tea

Lunch: Lettuce & lambs quarter (poorman's spinach), tomatoes, assorted cheeses and berries in homemade yogurt.

Dinner: Lettuce & lambs quarter, tomatoes, assorted cheeses, baguette, slice of ham and cupcakes.

I guess the french like any excuse to eat. During the goute, which only a few loyal and adventurous people came to I busted out the hoola hoop again and gradually all of the girls tried it out. By the end of the fun they were practicing tricks and having a blast. The smiles on their faces were priceless! It is really hard for a small community to try something new because they have so much fear of each other judging them. There is a lack of city folk confidence and so they often coward under the spotlight of newness. However, today they conquered! With valiant effort and glorious swivels they shined so much the rain and clouds rolled into balance out the energy.

Since I haven't been near weather in a while it was strange that all of a sudden today I felt the rushing breeze turn into a cold front. I remembered the tornado show I watch on TV and so the hosts scrambled out to get the horses while I watched the shop and watched 3 mini funnel clouds poke out but not drop down thankfully. I love the wind but these fragile french villages would be devastated by a tornado.

Every community needs a heart beat... a hub of happening where they can all feel connected to the place they live and have a focal point to discuss. Keep your loved ones close and a good cupcake recipe in your pocket in the event you need to build some more community.

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