Tuesday, July 13, 2010

People are beautiful...

Today I did my usual morning routine (run then eat breakfast) then we went into Djon and shopped for decorations for cupcakes as well as other errands my hosts had to do. We ended up walking through town and I couldn't help but feel that I really wanted to get back out to the country. The drive was long to get anywhere, though we stopped at a jam making company and a grain making company. Both were organic, masters of their craft and took great pride in their products. Later that night we went to a village event for July 14th, the French Independence Day. It is pretty much the same as American Independence Day; BBQ, Kids lighting off fire crackers, people drinking a lot of wine in this case and sweet gossip about one another.

A small town is full of beautiful people. So small yet that when they get bored they resort to gossip. I define gossip as the comments that are not life affirming or nice about others. It is much more delightful and pleasant to talk about someone else in a way that affirms their goodness. At the same time I notice these simple people are so beautiful and normal. Each is full of insecurities and fear as well as a gift and life in the right setting.

It comes back time and time again to the highest... see the good in people first!

Breakfast: Poppy bread, jam, sweet thin tea cookies and tea.

Lunch: Ate out and I choose a salad that had a pasta salad with tomato sauce under arugula and goat cheese along with a tiny bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Dinner: Happy 14th of July - Village Dinner! Beef sausage, Pork Sausage, Pork on some bone, Lard (french specialty), Cucumber and Tomato salad w/mustard, oil & vinegar dressing, baguette, Camembert cheese and a chocolate drumstick.

Lots of fireworks and lots of laughs... even the speculation of what gossip was going to go around the next day. Including the chatter about "the american."

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