Tuesday, July 6, 2010


John spoke of The Declaration of Independence and a story he told regarding the signing of this auspicious document. That day July 4th, 1776, a hot day where all the men were wearing full suits and sweating. On this day a Frenchmen stood up and spoke of freedom. He spoke in length and detail about this feeling that is common amongst everyone on this planet. Exhausted from putting so much into this speech he nearly collapsed to his chair. One by one every other man in the room stood and walked to sign The Declaration of Independence. It is a mystery to this day who that man was though it is speculated that it was Comte de Saint Germain or "the professor." Germain was a teacher to Ben Franklin and others.

Everyone on this planet wants freedom... freedom from suffering and pain... freedom from discrimination and judgment... and the freedom to be themselves and express their love.

We don't ever hear anyone say "I want the maximum pain and suffering"... is that a coincidence?

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