Tuesday, July 6, 2010


After hearing that there was over 100 people on the waiting list to get into the teacher training in Paris I felt humbled that I was chosen to be able to attend. John kept saying that we are all worthy and this was very hard to receive. I thought it was strange that it moved me so much to just be in the space of worthiness. I kept telling myself I am worthy and would melt my heart. I am not a person who lacks in confidence usually so it is odd that some part of me wasn't feeling worthy of this gift.

So what if we all just put ourselves in the place and space of worthiness just to give ourselves a chance to see what happens. Perhaps our greatness just gets greater and our ability to evolve as a being is possible. Yoga is definitely a spiritual practice... it allows us to experience ourselves and we are worthy of experiencing ourselves and the fullest and greatest life that we can imagine.

You are worthy! You are allowed to feel good! You are allowed to have fun! You are worthy of receiving meaningful gifts all the time! Open to this experience!

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