Thursday, July 8, 2010

Know why!

A good musician doesn't just play the notes... they know what the notes and song means. As yoga instructors we are given the opportunity to contemplate teachings that involve all aspects of being... mentally, physically and spiritually. They are all interlinked, there for it wouldn't be yogic if it was just a work out class. Don't get me wrong I can't help but feel spiritual in those moments of a sweaty and grueling class especially by the time we have made it to savasana but in order for us to take ourselves beyond our own limited ideas of ourselves it takes a heart quality and tangible meaning. I realized that speaking of spirit, god and soul are all to abstract for me to feel that deep connection. It needs to be about relationships and relationships to and from things, experiences and people. We as humans bounce our experience off the feedback of the universe and the universe is constantly giving us feedback and meaning. For whatever reason we don't always notice it even though it is as close as the pulsing gift of breath and heart beat.

So what if we applied this metaphor to everyday life... the notes are the things we do (karmas) day in and day out... and the meaning of the song of life is what we FEEL it is and if we don't contemplate this perhaps we aren't living as rich of a life. So know why and experience the wealth and riches of every moment of this life.

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