Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The United Nations of Anusara Yoga

The Teacher Intensive with John Friend 2010 was a collective of yogis from 17 different countries representing and gathering together in the American Church in Paris to help one another become better teachers of yoga. The training was given in 3 languages, English, French and Spanish and it was the first of it's kind. Though we all tended to cluster together by countries we would blend more and more by the 3rd day. Some of us even would pair up with people who didn't speak our languages only to find that we all speak the same language of the heart and that we all had the same struggles to find the world to explain the truth of our hearts. It is all about contemplation we discovered that the themes of classes and heart qualities of life are not something we can read about or study. We realized we have to find them in the dark and silence of our meditations and contemplations. We would have to remember the experiences that touched our hearts and made us feel more connected to ourselves and then hunt down the perfect words that reflected that experience with respect.

The challenges of this training united and strengthened our bond as Anusara Yogis as we would help each other after the practice with homework type exercises. As we would practice creating concise 5 minute openers for classes we realized that when we each would express the "why" or meaning of the theme it would touch each of our hearts. Some were so good we could feel the truth and authenticity start to rumble the akasha (fabric of life or space). Oh what a sweet gift to not only to be able to find the words to speak how we each feel but to listen to one of your friends who speaks their version and it lifts you up as well. This is how we as "the united nations of Anusara yoga" can inspire our students, friends and our communities.

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