Monday, July 12, 2010

Simplicity is Precision...

This morning I awoke before the sun... that is extremely rare for me... and just before the rooster started to cockadoodle doo! I put on my running shoes and began to run thinking I had a route, though I missed the road I was supposed to turn on and instead I simply ran down this hill with forest on both sides. On the way I passed 1 large pig and a baby pig... a heard of white cows that decided to run with me as I went by... and a pack of wild boar were digging for truffles. Hardly any cars were on the road though one stopped and asked me if I could give him directions... lol hillarious, right! Later we cleaned the horse stalls, picked weeds to feed to the chickens, watered the garden, painted the doors for the store and went into Largnes which is a close larger town to walk around and see the castles, churches and view of France.

Breakfast: peach/mint cake, poppy cake, fresh currants (black & red), raspberries, blueberries from the garden, blackberry jam they made homemade last year and ginseng tea.

Lunch: baguette like bread, cheese plate, mixed berries from the garden with homemade yogurt, couscous blend with pork and zucchini from the garden.

Dinner: blend of pork & fat in the form of a paste smeared on toasted baguette, polish whiskey, red sparkling champagne, shrimp in their shells, tomatoes and couscous.

It is odd that we call this type of lifestyle the "simple life." It is completely simple in some aspects such as using whole foods, tending to the tasks at hand, eating 3 square meals and sleeping at least 8 hours a night. Though have you ever tried to make homemade bread before? I noticed that she weighed the ingredients and so I asked why not just measure them and she replied its not as precise and you have room for error. When things are so simple precision is key! She mentioned that the garden would typically be a lot larger though due to the late ending winter she actually had to buy some vegetables since they aren't ready. There fore, the slightest imbalance in the weather affects the regular precision of things. The simple life is exciting... what do you do when the plan doesn't unfold? Luckily, the simple folk are masters of being resourceful as well and the French not only are resourceful but they can make damn near anything taste amazing! Simplicity with Precision...

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