Sunday, October 3, 2010

Is it working?

How do you know your practice is working? Whether it be pranayama, asana, eating habits or even just living the best life you can? How do you know it's working?

This is one of my favorite contemplations because why stick with something if it isn't working? I only practice yoga because it works for me, it's not the easy way that is for sure but I love the Shiva-Shakti Tantra philosophy, the incorporation of breath and practice and that I have become more aware and delightful person.

I used to say that I would know if my practice is working if I kept noticing how my relationships kept improving... and they have. Though I had totally forgotten about my relationship with myself. A few mornings ago after a week of lack of sleep and criticizing myself as I look in the mirror always looking for the improvements... this one morning I first saw how beautiful I was and nearly fell over because of my immediate response. I first wondered what I had done but after much reflection I think it is a reflection of my practice and how the mirror really bounces back what is going on.

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