Monday, October 4, 2010

Nothing like the Dentist to test ones practice...

After teaching a class with a loving theme about loving yourself, your reflection and finding the beauty first... I go to the Dentist right after and am met with an even bigger challenge. The dentist revealed how frightening it is to not be in control, to not know if you can really trust the person, and experience utter pain in such an uncompromising place.

I kept saying to myself you can do this use your yoga training... 3 hours of poking, proding, numbing and sucking and in the last 30 minutes I finally was able to meditate through it. FEW! Better late than never I guess. My body was tense the first 2.5 hours and I just kept working at it... softening the areas of my body that were cringing and reacting to the pain and in the last 30 minutes I was simply watching a movie.

I am not saying that this should always be our goal to separate ourselves completely from the pain because the pain is good I obviously needed to experience 2.5 hours of steady trauma. It made the last 30 minutes sweet and peace-filled. Also, I am now realizing that as the Novocaine wears off I am prepared for the residual pain to come.

Basically I am trying to say is just when you think your practice is working the universe is full of obstacles, surprises and adversity to challenge where ever you think you are at. There is no stillness in success it is a constant pulsation of effort and surrender. When you think about it we are not alone that is life, a constant struggle, pull, prod and pulse of all things gaining a losing its self of accomplishment.

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