Friday, October 8, 2010

Opposing Energies

Nelson Mandela brought the two opposing energies of his people together with one common thread... they all love to win a world cup and/or root for a team that represents them as a country. The blacks didn't even like rugby and the whites didn't even know their new countries national anthem but through the commonality both were remedied.

The opposing energies can be brought together with a common love or even enemy... so really its about finding the commonality. In each pose we have a midline and it dances with each posture but it comes together and expands apart equally. For some of us that means we have to hug in more because we are already very expansive and for others they need to expand out more to celebrate all their hugging in.

We all want to make beauty in this world and we all appreciate beauty so that usually a great common thread to pull into when building anything with the opposing actions.

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