Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trust in Laundry

As many of you know the european's don't use dryers for their clothes and a friend of mine who was visiting from Denmark. We did our laundry together and her clothes were "dried" for the first time in their existence. I don't think she knew exactly what was going to happen to her clothes because when she went to hold them up she realized they all shrank. Especially the shirts that used to be long enough to wear as dresses. They were no longer dresses but shirts with 3/4 sleeves... :)

This was hilarious to say the least and she was thrilled to have an entirely new wardrobe. I was so impressed with how she handled it. She could have totally lost her "chit" and gone off but instead she giggled and made light of it.

We put faith in our washing machines every time we put our clothes in there. Ever hear of the sock monster? Do we always handle the oops's in life with elegance and giggles? Each time we practice we can use those moments when our leg is chattering and soften lighten up a bit and move through it with sweetness.

A healthy dose of spacious luminosity keeps us giggling through the tough times and safe in the transitions.

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