Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Precious & Temporary

After weeks of no sun, a whirlwind of new experiences and minimal alone time I realize how precious the simple moments can be. A warm ray of sunshine as it seems to poke out of through the clouds and shine upon my face and no one else. Remembering how lucky I am to have such great teachers who believe in me and a moment like right NOW to just soak in it all. So Precious! Since my teacher always talks about meaning, and attitude I figured it would be a great practice to dive into discovering what that is in each moment. After reflecting, comparing and contrasting between all the things that hold meaning to me, in the end its the people who believe in me that can part the seas for me. They can break, build, empower and make me go the extra mile.

This simple realization makes me know even more in my heart that we are all connected. In this web of love we each have the power to tug and stretch one another to the edge of our capability. How vulnerable this makes me feel... and yet knowing this truth makes me feel empowered to know my source of fuel whenever I need to go further, deeper and stronger.

This leads me to the point of this entry... inspired by my teachers and ever more grateful to them I am beginning an additional blog called "Thank you letters to my teachers." This idea has been with me for sometime but after truly discovering my meaning I feel I owe it to my teachers for guiding me to the door, portal and place.

My teacher, John Friend would say the highest teaching he could give anyone is "remember your teachers." This phrase plugs you into your heart, your meaning and the depth of power that comes from caring about a legacy, that is of our humanity.

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