Saturday, October 23, 2010


One of the 6 attributes of the aboslute it's always interesting trying to talk about these in our relative world. Purna to be perfect in a way of being so empty your full and so full you empty. As the moon was full last night it was displaying its most brilliant light reflected from the sun. It shined down on me nudging me to awaken in the middle of the night.

Practicing with the fullest efforts invites the sweetest emptiness in the pauses. Oddly enough we can be fully present in the moments of emptiness so its all really balances out and makes our experience just perfect through purna goggles.

Let go and empty of worries and open up to fullness... brightness of a new day and work keenly in order to sustain your compacity for more fullness by balancing out the fullness and emptiness throughout the postures.

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