Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Talented Negotiators

To find a "Happy Medium" in any situation there needs to be at the basic level a commonality between the two parties. Discover this by seeing the good in each other. This is the easiest way and even more basic at least you both agree to LISTEN.

This applies to our asana practice in that by design we have a "Happy Medium" directly built in to our system. It is the midline of our bodies. Slice the body in half and along the middle runs a channel of energy (shushuna), a bridge between the hemispheres of our brains and a place where we can feel centered and balanced. If we are able to strengthen our own connections between these seemingly opposites sides of our bodies then hopefully we be able to find common ground in any of life's seemingly opposing situations.

How far could a little more listening take us?
What if we tried to gain more understanding before offering our side?

If in fact we were able to perfectly sync up the right and left sides of our bodies, we would have a greater chance for the left and right hemispheres of our brains to communicate to one another thus using our fullest capacity to be brilliant. And they don't call it "Happy Medium" for nothing... :)

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