Saturday, December 4, 2010

Water & Wonder

The way you end one cycle is the way you begin another. The way we go to bed at night and end one day will effect how we wake up the next day. The way we end one posture will transfer to the beginning of the next posture. This Restorative class that I have taught at Yoga Swami for 5 years is being threatened of being its last. So in honoring the possibility I hold the highest regard for the ending of this cycle of classes.

Like water though in a bottle it is contained but when let out it is relentless. It will find a way to be free and fluid. We must be like the water fluid in our transitions and relentless to find new hope. Use the gift of WONDER to melt the minds frustrations and fears into curiosity. Wonder with open hearts and minds how to flow smoothly and grace filled into the next stage of this journey.

Blessings to the entire Yoga Swami Family... and Gratitude for all the beings who have made this Restorative space and class so successful and special. <3

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