Saturday, January 8, 2011

Room in our hearts...

In order to maintain anything it takes effort. Energy delicately matching our ambition. And if you are like me you don't dream small, everything needs to go to its fullest, its ultimate state and be larger than life. Which is not always the easiest ambition to sustain and to be quite honest, this ambition feels like the undoing to the progression. Just like anything we have to stop and get gas, we can't just blaze through. Actually, I even have hope for us to have natural friction perpetuating technology on day but totally off subject... Regardless, it takes effort to match your ambition, which poses an interesting question... How much?

The variables in this equation are Ambition, Effort and Sustaining that relationship. So first off 'how much' do you want it? Secondly, 'how much' effort do you need to get the ball rolling to the point where your energy and ambition meet? And finally how the heck do you keep it going? We as yogis talk about going deeper all the time but does that mean to "go deeper"? I mean where do we dig? How do we dig? Who's to say that digging would even get us to that deeper place?

I posed this question to my beloved who tends to have a completely different pair of binoculars to look through at the world than I do. He says "Soften". Soften to go deeper and I thought well that sounds a lot like what John Friend would say about melting our hearts but I was looking in the efforting category of tools to go deeper. So a light bulb goes off in my mind! In order to sustain the ambition you need to hug in strong to it but at the same time make room in your heart for all the joys of the world.

Make room in your heart for all the joys of the world.... what's ambition without a little chocolate along the way. Getting there should be just as sweet as all the effort. And make every effort one of JOY!

In our yoga practice we can effort more with the areas of our bodies that don't always join in and then melt open the place where the dreams and ambitions come from to make room for all the joys to flow in.

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