Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Consumed by mystery...

The first principle in Anusara Yoga's elegant system is "open to grace." Which could mean anything when you just phrase it as such but broken down and unpacked it means... philosophically you remember something bigger than just yourself, you begin with a students mind open and porous, your inner body gets brighter, you settle, you soften your skin and truly all things come into balance when you relate yourself to the universe and the awe-inspiring potential in each of us.

OTG (open to grace) happens all the time, is threaded through all of the other principles and is essentially what happens when any of the other principles or all of them come into perfect balance. So the first principle is the key to everything and know that the first step is threaded through everything why not treat every moment as the most important first we have ever embarked upon. Everything is a first!

So poor yourself like fuel into the flames of your life and be consumed by mystery.

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