Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am the most important...

"I am the most important..." I don't know about you but that phrase just doesn't quite feel right. How can it be true when there is such a huge world out there their has to be someone or something more important than me, right? Then I remembered the Tantric view and theory on why this world exists... to delight and be aware. So why wouldn't the universe want to delight and learn through me?

So what exactly should I do since I am the most important and why?

The first part of that question is easy, its bhavana or another question asking you what you want to create. Though it is cliche, love and beauty, are the first things that come to mind.

There was this guru who said to a student asking if Asana practice was a means to an end or necessary part of the yogic path in order to achieve happiness. The guru responded by saying, "you can make a meal for a loved one and you can make that same meal for a not so loved one. The meal is going to be the same on the outside but the energy within it will be different." So we can practice asanas and they may all look the same on the outside but that is not what matters its the inside.

This leads to the WHY? question. An advanced practitioner of life would ask why they are making the meal, practicing asana, taking the walk and for who perhaps? If you do what makes you happy its for you! This is where the universe's comic dance perfectly aligns within you and you sing a greater song, dance a bigger dance and shine bigger from the inside attracting more things that you will like.

Do what makes you happy, for who makes you happy and keep asking yourself why to make sure your heart is in everything you do. <3

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