Friday, January 14, 2011

Bad Dreams.... Good Day?

How are you supposed to have a good day after waking up from a horrific dream? Paralyzed by my dream I wondered how I was going to move but previous to that question I wondered WHY did I have that awful dream?

Good 'ole Google reminds me that bad dreams are a simple reminder that the universe and our subconscious are having to work over time while we are asleep because we hadn't been proactive in our life. In some way I hadn't be showing up enough in some aspect of my life.... so there was my solution... wake up and show up more today!

Leaders whether they are in public view or leaders by example are the ones who come up with solutions... they are not the ones who complain or tip toe by their problems. They face them with grace, honesty and dignity so that everything is resolved, moved through, faced and transformed when necessary.

So be the leaders we are meant to be... strong and open to discover the solutions!

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