Monday, April 23, 2012

Commitment to being yourself...

Any sort of commitment is difficult and for good reason.  At our essence is a free soul!  It wants to play, dance and just be in space/time.  So to bind ourselves to anything takes discipline.  Though it is difficult we receive so many benefits from binding ourselves to this world, especially if it makes us happy or we benefit others, ideally both!

But to truly commit to something we must know that its a double edged sword.  For it would be a disservice to ourselves if we lost ourselves in the process.  There fore no matter what we commit to we must first and foremost commit to being ourselves again and again.  What we gain from this extra effort is an unveiling and understanding of who we are.  We actually can become more of ourselves through the obstacles of binding and committing.  Like any friction it tends to have a polishing effect and in this case the commitment can polish ourselves to be brighter versions.

One more thing I realized about this dynamic that strikes me as interesting is that to be ourselves should mean that its No effort at all.  We shouldn't have to try to be ourselves.  This makes it difficult because we are trying to be ourselves even as we bind and commit to other things.  So the sharpness strikes back at us asking us to not only remain ourselves but to be steady, content and non-wavered through the process without any effort.  This reminds me of a Yoda quote... "There is no TRY there is only Do or Do not."

So imagine greater through commitment and cultivating yourself but ultimately its just another way to cultivate the "being-ness" of yourself and do just enough to achieve it.

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