Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Remembrance creates consistency. Especially when we give a personal meaning to something in order to expand it towards the universal. Remembering all of the levels of friends in your life, from your teachers, parents and mentors all the way to your enemy or "not friend right now."

We all have these relationships and are these type of friends to others. When I think of my teachers I have the utmost respect for them and so I listen and open to hear their wisdom. When I think of my close loved ones who are suffering and my students I feel compassion and yet determined to be strong for them. When I think of my friends I am sympathetic and supportive, for their success only strengthens our trust. Lastly, when I think of the people I don't consider my friends anymore, I think of creating space and dissolving the charge I have for them, this protects me and allows for the other person to be as they are without giving up any of my energy.

Perhaps if we address how much we really do care for others we will awaken to how much others care for us and how much this love truly connects us all.

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