Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shift Happens

I can't stand the idea that my life is written and set in stone. That I am simply this character in a movie just playing my story all the way through. That would mean that nothing I do really makes a difference and no matter how hard I try nothing will change. This concept simply doesn't make sense. A friend of mine Manoj, a Murti dealer who loves telling the story of his scroll he found in India. There is this city in India holds the"shiva scrolls" that are written in time according to Shiva. You can visit this place and if you do your scroll is there and will tell you your past, present, future and even when you die. He has visited this place and knows when he dies, even has shared with me that his wife is happy because she dies before him. I think this is sweet because that means she can't stand living without him, I know the feeling.

Manoj being a friend of mine I felt compelled to confront him on this story because after careful contemplation, meditation and thought this concept doesn't feel right in my heart. I can't believe that this is all written that there is no way I can change my life and maybe that is because I have come so far from where I was. Just 9 years ago I was giving out cigarettes at bars in Detroit and yes, smoking cigarettes. I seem like an anomaly if you know me and know what kind of person I am today.

I asked Manoj if there is anyway we can change our scrolls and luckily he said "yes." He told me of this man who as soon as he had seen his scroll in India he began practicing meditation and preparing himself for his death. His scroll told him he was going to die at the age of 57. At the age of 57 this man like the scroll said rolled off a road in a violent car accident and walked awayunharmed. When asked what happened he told Manoj that he dropped deep into meditation, stayed calm and now is 70 years old. Further more, the man went back to the city in India to view his scrolls be he saw it and it actually hade changed. Re-written?

This was awesome news, though it seems mystical and impossible, I needed to hear that there was a possibility! Not only can I re-write my scrolls but the practice that I hold dear is potent enough to bring thatkind of presence and make me adept to change and navigate this life. We may all be flowing down a river but I get a paddle and the better I refine my skills with the paddle the better I can navigate this life's obstacles.

With precision and practice.... Shift Happens!!!

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