Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beauty in the World

Teaching a class at Lululemon is not only an honor but a great opportunity to celebrate beauty. It's one of the things that we can all agree on... we all know the what we think is beautiful and not so beautiful. We can all agree when something is unfinished, messy or even not as beautiful as it could be and its not judgment its just our nature to seek the beauty in life. Honestly, there is so much beauty in the world its sometimes hard to drink it all in.

If each yoga posture we practice is an offering then how can we honor our gifts and talents? We simply have to move to the Lakshmi of the posture. The final, full fruition and best we could possibly be at in that moment. If we go there anyone observing your practice will see the beauty of your efforts and minimally if you smile then its contagious. Smile from the inside in every pose and you will know your practicing at your capacity.

To inspire you here is one of my favorite songs to have stuck in my head...

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