Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rainbow Spanda

Weaving and spiraling through our bodies is color, vibration and sound. Like a rainbow its orderly and leaves a map of density. Even down to the smallest nadis, acupuncture points or meridians these are places of nada... or sound. Everything vibrates and not only can we see the color and density but we can feel the vibratory quality.

If we sang up our spines we would travel through a complete symphony of sounds. Starting at the base with lower and slower sounds all the way to the top where it might be so high pitched and quick we can't hear it or see it.

This rainbow bridge of vibrational centers is referred to as our chakras, a map for us to guide with attention them into a steady and balanced pulse. If each of these centers vibrates at a harmonious pace then we create balanced cells which simply mean they are healthy. Health is a pretty high reason to practice attention to the details. :)

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