Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yoga is for flexibility...

It is a huge misconception that Yoga is for flexibility and that in order to get flexible you stretch. Actually you can only be truly as flexible as you are strong and strong as you are flexible. Allow me to explain...
If you were a true rubber band man then your knuckles would touch the ground by now and you wouldn't be much of a man. If you were a true strong man then you wouldn't be able to pick up the dumb bells in order to do the squats to make you strong. As in our bodies so it is in life... in order to navigate this world we have to hold strong to the people we cherish, protect them and serve. On the other hand if we gripped to hard we might not be able to get out of the way when things in life are falling apart.

Hold strong with discipline and you can actually become more flexible... be open minded and flexible enough to navigate your body with brilliance and you can fire the muscle groups you don't necessarily always do and you will be able to strengthen and stretch in balance. Muscles hug to bones so that your joints are protects and you can then shine out through your bones and feel balanced energy flowing through you.

Hug to those you love and be strong to continue your practice so that you can shine and navigate this complex and adventurous world.

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