Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Forgiveness means seeing the good even when we are blinding by the past, the hurt and the trauma. Though, what we often don't realize is that it is us that is suffering by not loosening our grip to those things we hold with tension. I don't know about you but I would do pretty much anything to not suffering... it's optional after all. So it may take practice but once you see one thing that is good, that makes you laugh or that connects you to that object or person, your vision will grow and you will empty of your hatred, gripping, and friction and be truly filled with life's love and beauty that is already there.

So in class we all shared the postures we haven't made friends with yet just as an experiment to see if practicing them would trigger us and if we could bring ourselves to not only practice them but see the good in them. Together we all celebrating and shared in our human capacity to choose to love or hate. To grow or to stay the same and of course to suffer or not... we all survived the postures and felt like bigger beings because of it.

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