Saturday, November 27, 2010


Friendship is such a blessing and each of us has angels of virtue who will never know how much they have affected us and there really is no way of expressing this besides simply living their teachings. Dedicating a practice, meditation or day to a friend is a sweet gift to remember and celebrate their virtues and teachings. Embody friendship!

What would be the qualities of this?
- commitment
- steadfastness
- balance

First be friendly with yourself, make friends with this vessel you have been given especially when it is stiff and not as mobil. To do this hug your muscles to the bones and that is when the body feels its safest. Then commit to hold steady in every posture like your friend was there for you.

There are 4 types of friends:
1. Teacher - someone who has walked the path before you
2. Student - someone who looks to you for guidance
3. Equal Friend - someone who walks beside you along the path
4. Not so Friend - someone who makes it difficult for you to walk your path

We experience these levels in our postures and that is why we practice so many diverse postures in yoga. This allows us to practicing making friends with even the most wobbly or difficult postures. Again the key is the hug the muscles to bones and then balance that with an extension through your bones. This sounds easy but we often don't recruit all of the muscles of our bodies. Some stay asleep and yet some over work. Find the perfect balance in a relationship in your body and you will be honoring all of the friend relationships in your life. Especially the one you dedicate your practice too.... practice their teachings.

What a great thing for someone to say about you.... You are a great friend!

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