Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thank You - Mantra

Each year for Thanksgiving my we will go around the table and each tell about what we are most thankful for. This is such a wonderful practice. It allows us to dive into our hearts when we remember our blessings. It creates a marker each year to reflect back on and sends a message to the universe/shakti that you not only appreciate this but are ready for more in the next year.

A fun practicing using this wisdom is to reflect first and then sum up the thing you are most grateful for into ONE word. Usually a heart quality comes from this such as: love, trust, patience, friendship, health, confidence, etc. Write this down on some special piece of paper and meditate chanting the "thank you" mantra.

To chant a mantra with the most effectiveness sing it internally with every cell of your being. Perhaps even feel how your inner being and brightness stays steady and buoyant with the mantra as your outer being melts around your inner body listening to the sweetness of the mantras vibration and teachings. Other things to notice; the colors you see when your eyes are closed, the dance around the mantra as the center of the meditation, and how the resistant areas of your body receive the mantra.

Whenever something of a maha or great teaching comes along say a little "thank you" mantra to sing back to the universe acknowledging the blessings.

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