Friday, November 19, 2010


Loyalty encompasses 2 virtues... A strong steadfastness in your commitment to that which you are loyal and a tender, open, sensitivity to be there for them even when its at its most difficult. You would never let your friend down and this is a major part of a yogi's practice. We strive to be the people you can count on. We want you to feel safe around us. We are all born with this potential but we must remember and cultivate are skills in order to do this to the capacity and level that our lives, community and universe ask of us.

These intrinsic virtues can be used to take our yoga practice to the next level. Also, help us to embody these virtues deeper. So without words we stand tall, hold strong with the utmost sweetness to our friends and loved ones they know we support them.

This theme was inspired by the great spirited people of Metro-Detroit. With their hard work ethic and sweet sensitivity we have "Built this City" solid with loyalty to our culture. It is a rich culture at that, full of love for Cars, Music, Sports and the essentials Water. :) To my peeps, thanks for seeing me, I surely see you!

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